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Why Managers Should Be Measured on How Well They Recruit & Hire

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Performance reviews were created to measure a person’s performance of a job.  In a sales role, the person is measured against sales objectives. In an operations role, the person is measured against operational objectives.

But who then is measured on how well the company has recruited and hired reallytalented people? HR? Recruiters?

Maybe. But that’s passing the buck if you’re a manager.

HR usually doesn’t live and breath what the company does externally — i.e. what service or product it offers customers, why customers choose them over others, how customers actually engage, what the company brand really represents in the market place.

Recruiters, too, don’t usually live and breath that although they are usually more attune to it. Recruiters do a great job sourcing candidates, but those candidates need to find their way through the hiring process which involves direct interaction with hiring managers who make the hiring decisions.

It’s Hiring Managers who make the decisions on if that next hire will raise the level of talent in the company or lower it.

So then why aren’t managers measured against how well they recruit and hire people?

The quick reason: They have another job to do and they weren’t hired to recruit and hire.

But that’s not okay, in my opinion. That’s passing the buck.

Managers Need to Take Recruiting By the Horns

Managers should work closely with HR and their recruiters as they begin the candidate-sourcing process. They should discuss where the best places are to post the jobs. They should review the hiring manager’s contacts and figure out a game plan to spread the word through their personal networks. They should determine how the company’s marketing department should be engaged to promote the opening. They should tag-team personal communication (not mass emails) to targeted employees for distributing the job posting to their personal networks.

Aside from candidate sourcing, Managers should be measured on how well their hires are working out. Are they delivering the performance that was expected? Why or why not? Have the new hires raised the level of talent on the team?

Don’t Pass the Buck (Read: It’s not someone else’s job)

Recruiting and hiring is all-too-often a topic that is ignored during manager performance reviews. It’s ignored at management meetings. But acquiring talent is perhaps the #1 most important thing management can do to drive company performance.

So can recruiting and hiring be integrated more into the company culture? Can it be integrated into managerial performance reviews? It shouldn’t generate a response of “HR handles that.”

If you’re a manager, here’s a career tip: Don’t pass the buck on recruiting and hiring. Take it by the horns and take ownership of it. There’s nothing more important you can do than surround yourself with really talented people.

When was the last time you saw a performance review that measured how well a manager recruits and hires?

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