Healthy snacks baked with ❤️

We started baking homemade oat bars for our family as a mother-daughter tradition in 2003. Today, we continue to bake the same bar, using the same recipe, the same pan, in the same small-batches, and with the same simple wholesome ingredients. Each bar begins with four simple ingredients; ones that you can find in your own kitchen cabinet. After all, that’s where we originally got them when Bobo and her mom made their very first batch! We start with 100% whole grain oats, which are at the heart of everything we bake. We know you’re busy, and our oats are perfect for keeping you energized throughout the day.

Investing in Bobo’s

The story of Bobo’s is as authentic as it gets. What started as a mother-daughter tradition of baking oat bars in their kitchen, turned into a business that spreads love everyday through great-tasting, wholesome snacks that are baked with love. Bobo’s has avoided chasing trends or fads and has stayed true to their mission all these years later. Through their special run bars that donate profits to particular causes, their employee volunteer program, and other purpose-driven initiatives, Bobo’s takes an active role in their community.

With a new state-of-the-art facility here in Colorado, Bobo’s is well-positioned to continue building its portfolio of hand-made, healthy baked snacks, especially with its recent entrance into the PB&J category. With a diverse and growing channel strategy, Bobo’s will continue to be a leader in the healthy snacking category with its gluten-free ingredients, authentic family story, and strong leadership.