The Future of Insulation

Solarcore is a team of tenacious experimenters, wild visionaries, and meticulous craftspeople hell-bent on bringing innovation back to outerwear. Untethered by what’s come before, we believe in the process of innovation–of rethinking everything so you’re never weighed down, slowed down or distracted by anything that doesn’t enhance adventure or help you move seamlessly through your world. We embrace emerging technology to develop novel solutions to age-old problems, identify new realms of possibility, and dissolve barriers to exploration. Our materials are meticulously crafted to deliver the most elevated, versatile and performance-driven insulated tech wear in the world. Minimal, stylish, and hard-working layers enable distraction-free exploration, and a deeper connection with people, places, and experiences.

Investing in Solarcore

At Ridgeline, we are intellectually curious and are always on the look-out for new technologies and products that can completely revolutionize a category. Michael and Rith at Solarcore have made it their mission to leverage material technology to evolve the science of staying warm and in the process transform the future of the materials industry. With a talented team of tenacious experimenters and visionaries, we continue to be inspired by Solarcore mission to leverage science and technology to develop novel solutions for outerwear and beyond.

With its proprietary SolarCore technology inspired by NASA-developed Aerogel, Solarcore has pioneered a new breakthrough insulation for outerwear that provides superior thermal performance with less bulk and enhances the mobility and performance of outdoor athletes and enthusiasts.