Changing the way bikes are bought and sold

Cycling is about the experience of being in motion, regardless of the bike or brand, road or trail, season or destination. At TPC, we’re cyclists who want to find the right bike for you. That’s why we created our innovative Certified Pre-Owned bike process, where our expert mechanics meticulously inspect every part on every bike to ensure that high-quality bikes stay in motion longer. It’s why we obsessively curate our ever-evolving new and pre-owned inventory, including frames, components and wheels. And it’s why we track the market and technical trends, and only take the bikes that meet our exacting standards. Our process evolves with the cyclist, from Certified Pre-Owned bikes, to risk-free 30-day returns, to our Guaranteed Buyback program. TPC. We’re changing the way cyclists buy bikes.

Investing in TPC

What started as a side hobby has turned into the world’s largest destination for buying and selling pre-owned bikes. The founder of TPC built the company into a leader in the circular economy before re-commerce became a thing. By making it easy for people to sell used bikes, and through refurbishing and certifying used bikes, TPC has created a marketplace for bike lovers built upon trust, community, and user experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Bikes are meant to be used.

Having built the first online, modern bicycle marketplace, the TPC team will continue to be the one-stop shop for all who participate in the outdoor activity. Differentiated by its unique online business model and operational excellence, the TPC team will continue to be a leader with its e-commerce-first model. We see growth in its ability to offer bicycles, parts, and accessories at affordable prices with the convenience that consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to.