A Commitment to High Quality Ingredients

At NOKA, we believe you can do more with each day when you’re fueled by the best ingredients. We think eating healthy should feel good, taste good, and do good. That’s why we put in the legwork to source the highest quality organic ingredients. We use “ugly” fruits and veggies that would otherwise go to waste and we blend them with plant protein, healthy fats and antioxidant-rich superfoods like Maqui Berry and Camu Camu to make a smoothie that’s as good for our bodies as it is for our tastebuds! We hope you enjoy it at work or on your next adventure!

Investing in Noka

Let’s face it, snacking on the go has become a way of life. Noka Organics’ line of superfood-powered on-the-go smoothies and other superfood-based products quickly became a staple in our daily eating habits. They offer a quick and easy way to consume more organic fruits, protein, and nuts. We love the founders’ grit and capital efficiency as they’ve scaled a successful business across multiple channels. And consumers love the products they’ve developed.

Founded in 2016, NOKA emerged as a pioneer in healthy snacking by sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients for their on-the-go smoothies and nut butters. With channel strategies in food service, retail, and online, the NOKA team has a unique opportunity to cater to the evolving needs of the health-conscious consumer by providing a convenient, and healthy, organic snack.