Ayurveda as the Gateway to Wellness

Focused on the quality and longevity of life, Sahajan is bringing the 5,000 year-old Ancient India Ayurvedic Science to the everyday consumer. Through an evidence based skincare line, Sahajan brings forth ingredients rooted in Ancient Indian Ayurveda to nourish the body, such as turmeric, coconut oil, and ginger. As the only Ayurvedic skincare brand proven with clinical results, Sahajan is uniquely positioned to grow and spread the various benefits of the Ayurvedic Science.  

Investing in Sahajan

When we first met Sahajan, we were refreshed and inspired by a uniquely personal vision shared by Lisa to bring Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Science to everyday people. As consumers shift through the noise of celebrity-endorsed skincare products and highly-marketed treatments, we see increased demand for authentic, personal remedies rooted in tradition and medicine. We believe Sahajan does just that, driven by Lisa and her unwavering commitment to her cultural roots and the Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Science. 

Driven by such a strong foundation in Ayurvedic Skincare, Sahajan benefits from a steady market tailwind and a sticky, loyal customer base with market-leading retention. Consequently, we see the ability to grow a broad product assortment through multiple, defensible retail distribution channels in fashion and hospitality. With Lisa’s strong leadership, we believe Sahajan will successfully enable everyday consumers to benefit from Ancient Indian Ayurvedic Science.