Meet your proactive health partner. Your personalized plan combines biomarker testing, functional medicine doctors, certified health coaches, and advanced nutraceutical and hormone therapies — so you can look, feel, and function at your best.


Investing in Lifeforce

With every year that passes, consumers, especially the younger generation, are increasingly taking their health into their own hands. And as the demand for visibility, transparency, and access to personalized health data grows, so too has awareness around preventative care. As the first clinically-integrated health optimization platform on the market, we believe that Lifeforce is leading the charge towards a broader disruption and evolution of our healthcare system as we know it today.

As experienced operators in consumer wellness and healthcare, the Lifeforce team is uniquely positioned to bring personalized health programs to everyday individuals. With a world-class scientific advisory and leadership team, Lifeforce develops programs based on an individual’s health data that incorporates biomarker testing, clinical support, hormone optimization, and unlimited health coaching. With time, we believe Lifeforce will successfully enable the shift from reactive to proactive health.