True Bone Broth, Traditionally Made

In 2020 we realized there was a need not just for traditionally made bone broth, but also for cooking broth, as most cooking broths on the market are made from extracts and concentrates (rather than real food) and contain toxic oils, added sugar, and preservatives – even the organic ones! So we decided to change that, creating the cleanest-ingredient, best-tasting cooking broths on the shelf.

Investing in Bonafide Provisions

When we met Bonafide Provisions founders, Reb and Sharon Brown, back in 2017, Bone Broth was not yet a mainstream product offering. Sharon, a licensed nutritionist, had been recommending the broth for her patients. Reb, a trained chef with operational expertise, began making the restorative broth at scale. It is not an overstatement to say that these founders pioneered a product type that is now available in nearly every grocer in America.

Bonafide is a brand for the wellness-seeking shopper, built on totally clean ingredients and delicious taste. They believe food can change lives and it is their mission to help everyone experience abundant wellness through the power of food. They have now established a foothold in broth, across frozen, refrigerated (private label) and shelf-stable formats. And for over 5 years they have sold some of the very most productive frozen foods at Whole Foods Market.