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Our Approach

Ridgeline Ventures provides patient, founder-friendly capital to accelerate the growth of natural foods and active lifestyle companies.

Value-Add Investors

We invest in founders and companies who are looking for more than just capital. We help healthy living brands map out their strategic vision and bring that vision to life.

As former operators, we understand what it’s like to be in the trenches and we use our experience to provide strategic guidance, operating expertise, and a vast network of contacts for teams seeking a collaborative partner.

Lifecycle Experience

Whatever the business phase – start up, growth, or late-stage – we are ready to apply our experience to help companies achieve their goals.

Our team is accomplished in all areas of building a business.  From operations to finance, technology to recruiting, and sales to marketing, we have helped companies scale.

Long-Term Enterprise Value

Our goal is to build sustainable companies. We understand first-hand that there are highs and low when growing a business and we are always there for our partners.

By investing our own capital, we are able to fully align with founders. Free from artificial liquidity deadlines, we remain focused on achieving the optimal outcome for each individual company.



Uncompromising integrity regardless of the circumstance.


Respectful team-building that fosters innovation, identifies solutions and creates enterprise value.


Appreciating the importance of good partners and aligning with the right people.


Encouraging a stimulating and engaging company culture that drives productivity, loyalty and success.


Recognizing a company’s role within its community and giving back.

What We Look For

Exceptional Founders

We partner with founders who are passionate, collaborative, humble, and driven. Fit is most important to us. We admire founders who know where they excel, yet aren’t afraid to ask for help when needed.

Inspiring Brands

We look for natural foods and active lifestyle brands with awesome teams and products we love. We are drawn to companies that are dedicated to making a difference and helping people live healthier lives.

Investment Criteria

Because we invest our own capital, we have extraordinary flexibility in the size and type of investments we make, as well as the stage of company in which we invest. We are comfortable leading investment rounds and also like to collaborate with like-minded partners.


We are assembling a world-class portfolio of inspiring brands led by exceptional founders. But don’t take our word for it–click through to learn more.


Cotopaxi creates innovative outdoor products and experiences that help alleviate poverty, move people to do good, and inspire adventure.


Bobo’s oat bars are a wholesome snack produced in a small-batch baking process that has captivated loyal fans nationwide.

The Pro's Closet

The Pro’s Closet is the largest seller of pre-owned bikes and cycling gear on the internet.


Refreshing fruits and veggies with nutrient rich superfoods.  No sugar added.  No artificial preservatives.  No refrigeration necessary.


Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips satisfy your snack cravings with every delicious crunch.

Bonafide Provisions

One of the fastest growing bone broth companies in U.S., Bonafide offers drinkable nourishment through products designed for health-minded consumers.


A leading investment fund in the natural food space. Through our relationship with BIGR, our capital is deployed in several innovative food and beverage companies.

Simple Squares

Made from just 5 whole food ingredients, SIMPLE Squares are a snack you can feel good about.

The Kitchen Restaurant Group

The Kitchen is changing how we eat through pioneering restaurant concepts that source and prepare real food from American farms and through community building activities that empower kids and families to build real food communities from the ground up.


Ridgeline Ventures is an independent investment group that provides founders and brands a unique alternative to traditional investment firms. We invest our own capital—we aren’t beholden to outside investors—which allows for complete alignment with the companies and founders in which we invest. We are a seasoned group of entrepreneurs who have started, built, and managed successful companies and know how to navigate the different lifecycles of a business. As patient, collaborative partners, we choose to invest in and work alongside founders and brands who inspire us and share our passion for healthy living.

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